Chrome's updates have temporarily broken older webgl examples.
.Aether is the next in the Dot series. Maneuver through space created with CSS, Javascript, HTML, and some crap from a jQuery library. Description aside, I can't believe this was possible without a dedicated 3D engine. It's all basic* CSS3.
* actually it's quite advanced. So please consider me.
This is a side project I've been working on and polishing up as a sort of resume, it's meant to show the dynamic use of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Javascript libraries (jQuery), PHP, MySQL, and Perl. Go ahead and try the game out, although I must warn you: server admin rights are denied to all anonymous users. (Basically, you can't save high scores until I stop being lazy and secure stuff properly. They work though, I promise. Sorry)
This maze was my first attempt at solving the puzzle that is WebGL. Apocalyptic frustration and many hours later this.. thing.. was born. I know it needs a lot of things (instructions for instance) but I'm currently occupied with other projects. And I've been watching The Walking Dead. I'll get to it. Maybe. I mean give me a break already, I have two jobs and I go to school.
One day in math I decided to try and use the crazy formulas we were working on outside the classroom. This is the result, with some tweaking. Javascript driven particles follow the cursor. Clicking and dragging do weird things too. More options coming soon. Maybe. I'm lazy. I'm also busy. Bazy.
This is another creation due to boredom in my math course. Same basic principle as the Canvas example (the bubble things that follow you) only with another dimension. Disclaimer: This is totally how the universe works.
This is another side project, although it took shape more than a year before .Zoom. This is the first generation particle engine I developed. During the last 4-6 weeks of my junior year of high school, when AP Computer Science was gearing up for the AP exam and Web Design was working on their final projects, I was doing this. In case you were wondering, I aced that AP test (WOO $85 credit for a college course instead of $3000) Please help me
After my first attempts at working with WebGL I got a sense of what was going on with that weird crap, I was super bored (again, in math) so I recreated (read: shamlessly stole, reworked) a popular three.js example - minus a mustang - so that you get to drive my first car. Top down, of course. As an added bonus, I've installed the modular drupal angular-flux react.js vim-ware so the car won't break down on you, leading you to sometimes days of frustration and telecommuting. And crying, ratcheting, bolting, accidentally scraping, pleading, and all manner of other fun things that no "adult" I know wants to do to fix their car.